Norton is one such name which is widely accepted as “The Best Antivirus” worldwide. There are millions of Norton users who have faith in it. This software is widely recognized for giving the best of product and services to their valuable customers. Products offered by Norton are built with the high-quality security advantages which always results in a better way. No matter if your device is being infected with the Trojans and various kinds of viruses, Norton Antivirus has specialized in fighting against all kind of computer threats and viruses. To get Norton antivirus, you need to purchase it via online by visiting www.norton.com/setup or offline mode.


Buy Norton Antivirus via Online or Offline Mode

Buying Norton antivirus is an easy task as one just need to go through a simple procedure. Norton antivirus is available and can be purchased via Norton.com/setup or offline mode. Now the question is how? Well, we have briefly explained each and every point by which user will get an idea of the procedure of purchasing it.


Online Mode

In the online mode, one can simply visit the Norton website and can purchase any of their product. After completing the payment, user will get their product key via email. User who purchased the product will receive an email containing the product key along with the downloading link of the software. It is an easiest mode a user can buy it with the comfort of his or her home. Just with the few clicks, they will receive the product key in the email.


Offline Mode

The process is completely changed in the offline mode as a user needs to purchase it from any of the nearest retail store. Visit the nearest retail store where Norton antivirus is easily available. You will get a box in which you will find a retail card where the product key will be printed on its back side.


Norton Setup

www.norton.com/setup  To get started with your Norton Installation you must need valid product key code & visit  and we can also help you with your entire process to Norton setup online.

Important features

www.norton.com/setup is the best popular antivirus software in the world as it is mainly used in government office sector, some of the important features of the Norton is as follows: Norton allows the user to delete or lock the screen of the device when it was so that the important and the most valuable data is safe from being stolen.

How to proceed

First of all sign in to your Norton account at www.norton.com/setup Now redeem your product key. If you don’t have a account yet then create a new one and use the same Norton login credential to sign to your My Norton account.

Best Office value

Norton flexible subscription plans let you pick the option that’s right for you. Choose an individual plan or one for the whole household. Get the full installed Norton applications Norton Deluxe for 5 PCs, Mac, Smartphone or Tablets. Effortlessly protects your PC and Mac, plus your Android™ and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Our Services

Install Norton Setup – Sign-in to you Norton account and then Enter 25 digit alphanumeric Norton setup product key on www.norton.com/setup. Select country and language.click on next to start Norton installation. 


Where to find Norton Setup Product Key?

Norton Setup Product Key is combination of 25 alpha-numeric characters and is printed on the back side of your Norton Setup Card.

Here is the sample of 25 digit alphanumeric Product Key : ABD3M-GRT5B-45RFJ-W3R5Y-C5T7U


How to proceed with Norton Setup online:

Steps to Download Norton Antivirus on Your Computer

For using Antivirus on any your preferred device, you need to download it from the online store. If you have purchased a Norton Antivirus CD, you can easily install it by inserting it in the CD drive. However, most of the people opt for downloading it online rather than inserting the CD. Therefore, we have now listed the steps by which one can easily download Norton Antivirus on their computer.


1. Visit www.norton.com/setup


2. Login in with your account information or create one if you don’t have.


3. Proceed for purchasing the Norton antivirus product.


4. Complete the payment process via any of your preferred method.


5. Click on Agree and Download.


Steps to Install Norton Antivirus on your Computer

Once you download the file on your computer, you can proceed for the installation process. Installation process might take few minutes as it often takes time. The whole process takes time as it completely depends on the speed of your computer. We have listed the installation steps below:-


1. Open the Downloads folder on your computer.


2. Click on the Norton Antivirus Setup.


3. Now, run the setup.


4. Follow the whole on screen instructions including the antivirus terms and conditions agreement.


5. After following and processing the steps, wait for the finish.


6. Wait until the software gets installed on your computer.


Once the installation is completed, you can open it.


Steps for Activating Norton Antivirus on your Computer

In order to run the antivirus, you need to enter the 25 digit product key which you would have receive while purchasing the product. Once the software gets installed on your computer, you need to activate it as without the activation, your antivirus will not work at all.


1. Open the Norton software on your computer.


2. Click on the “Help” option that appeared at the top rightmost corner.


3. A help center window will open.


4. Now, visit “Account Information” section.


5. Select the “Enter Product option”.


6. Now, you can enter the “Product key” in the required space.


7. Hit on the “Next” button.


8. Follow the whole given on screen instructions and proceed for the next.


9. Click on “Done”.


Get Norton Customer Support from Technicians

Voila! Now you are free to use your antivirus on your computer. Just give a complete scan and kill all the trojans and viruses of your computer. Norton antivirus will protect your system from these spywares and keep your device safe.


If the whole process disrupt at any point, get the Norton Customer support from the well-versed technicians who are 24*7 available to help you. Get a quick help by just calling Norton Customer Support Number.


-> Instant Online Support.


-> Expert professional available 24/7.


-> Call our technicians  020 8004 5401 (Toll Free) for any support issue.


-> 24/7 Round the Clock Support.


-> Technicians Available 365 Days.


Best and Cost Effective

www.nortonsetup.co.uk is the best and cost effective www.norton.com/setup support. We provide the best Norton technical support for Antivirus.We are independent third party service provider not associated with Norton or its partner companies. We too provide the support for Norton Product Key and provide subscription based additional warranty on gadgets. www.nortonsetup.co.uk is the best and cost effective www.norton.com/setup support service provider.

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Norton 360 Security Software

www.nortonsetup.co.uk provide the www.norton.com/setup Norton 360 Security software provides the sophisticated benefits that all the computer users, from the novice to the person who is experienced, need to function with the safely, securely, and in the efficiently way. Those users who buy the Norton Security online can immediately download and install the software, which allows the users to monitor and remove the damaging viruses and malware very easily and quickly. Norton Setup online security tools ensure that that user who deals with the sensitive data can do so without any fear of loss or corrupt of the sensitive information. The software also keeps the user files, data, and applications to run smoothly and also keep the hard drive clean when the user download the Norton Total Security for their windows 10. Among many types of available antivirus software available, Norton is one of the great and best and it is most perfect for Windows 10 Laptop or PC with each of 32/64 bit for free. It warns the user when they are about to download any suspicious file or software and protects the system from not being affected by any malware. It has the best firewall which saves the system from any kind of threat.


Norton Antivirus Download

Norton Antivirus for windows can operate with the maximum device of 5 at once. The user can simply create an online account and can add devices to which the user want to add the protection. They can even move the protection from one device to another device and it is very easy to use and handle. Norton Antivirus supports almost all the platform devices and fixes the problem when and where required. If the device with the Norton antivirus installed is stolen, it can be tracked and get back to the user.


Norton Antivirus does well in finding all types of viruses and malware. It even provides the full system scan or specific folder scan of the system. Not even a single known virus can be get away from Norton. It detects the latest and newest malware/viruses and fixes them immediately. It protects the system from visiting the websites which are suspicious and restricts the system from downloading them. It works and performs well in usability and protection and none of the antivirus software beat the Norton in that. The Norton includes a promise of protection that only the Norton can make. The company is so confident in their ability to keep the user secure, they also offer the Virus Protection Promise: From the moment the user subscribe, a Norton expertly is available to help and keep the devices virus-free or give them a refund*. The user  find a better offer than this from any of the free or paid company antiviruses for their windows 10.


Key Features of Norton Antivirus for Windows OS

Norton allows the user to delete or lock the screen of the device when it was so that the important and the most valuable data is safe from being stolen.


This is one of the best and amazing features that the Norton Antivirus have. It is very easy to use and does not need any guide of the user to scan the full system or specific folder, fixing the issue on just one click. Norton Antivirus software can support the maximum devices of up to 5 at one time.


The protection can be moved from one device to another device by just simply using the online account. It is very easy to add the devices to the list of protected devices.


The software can perform the scan of the full system easily.


Restricts the user from visiting the malicious website and downloading the file which is suspicious.


Norton installed device can be tracked if stolen by chance and can delete all the valuable data or can also lock the screen.


Norton Antivirus Software allows the user to schedule the time for a scan so that system scan will be automatic on the required time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I not start my Norton antivirus after the up gradation of Windows 10?

If you cannot start your Norton Antivirus after the upgrade to Windows 10, then you may need to uninstall and reinstall the software.


Is Norton Identity Safe compatible with the browser of Microsoft Edge?

No. Norton Identity Safe or any of the Norton Toolbar will not work on the new browser of the Microsoft.

For more updates and latest notifications on this stay tuned with us!!


Firewall Protection

Firewall protection is the most important feature that you need in your antivirus to protect against hackers. If you don't have any firewall protection, then the hackers may hack all your identity and spoil your business. The firewall protection helps to prevent from getting malware onto your system. So, in my firewall test, I got the average results from Norton Security Antivirus. During the first test, Norton failed to block more than 50% of my attempts to bypass it. In my second test, it left susceptible ports open.


User Interface

One of the most important features that Norton offers is its user-friendly interface. It is very simple and straightforward to use. The important sections that you might need to know are labeled with colorful modern buttons and icons. There are also many levers and switches to control which can be done only by advanced users. Come to the installation part, the installation process is very simple and easy. You just need to install the software and enter its product key. The price of the software will depend upon the number of users.


Technical Support

There is a vast improvement in Norton's technical support this year. If you face any problem with the software, then you can ask them questions via chatting or phone. Also, they have gone the way of ESET and VIPRE in which they are offering free help to remove viruses, if your system if infected while using their software. One of the most interesting parts of this software is that they are also backing it up with a money back guarantee.


Resource Usage

Regarding resource usage, Norton offers average performance within an acceptable range. While on boot time, Norton offers almost similar performance with its competitors. While doing a full system scan, Norton security installed drained about 15% of system resources. It is not bad at all but the last yea version was far better.


Online and Local Backup

You can also make a default destination of your backup files in Norton's secure online storage. The default backup automatically occurs when your system is idle. But, if you want, you can also launch manually for the first backup of the day. If you want, you can set up a schedule for backups to run on daily, weekly or monthly schedule. You can set backup files from your local hard drives, external drives, network drives and also some cloud storage services.



Well, the Norton Antivirus can make about 25GB online backup. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices. You can also keep a secure password to prevent your system hacking and malware. After this comprehensive review, we can come to a conclusion that, Norton continues to evolve every year and they are keeping their pace every year. Norton Antivirus is very easy to use and install. In overall performance, Norton offers an average protection against firewall and malware. I hope you will get great help by reading this post and if you like to ask anything, you can leave your comment bellow.


Issues You Face with www.Norton.com/setup

-> When We install some programs are not working properly.


-> Norton Product key and installation issues.


-> Not capable to uninstall Norton antivirus.


-> PC's process is slow after installation of Norton antivirus.


-> Not able to updates and download latest Norton Antivirus.


-> Registration Issues.


-> PC's compatibility issues Norton Setup


We make sure Guaranteed and reasonable www.norton.com/setup Support from our technical experts for Norton installation, Norton Activation Key, Norton Registration and all issues which you are faced.


Resolve All Norton Technical Issues

-> Make sure proper installation and un-installation processes.


-> Updating systems or devices with latest Norton antivirus software.


-> Fixed system and updates related problems.


-> Configuration of Firewall.


Best Technical Advice

Customers are free to call at our customer support number which is absolutely toll-free in use and can connect you to a certified technician when you need. Key Activation gives a complete step-by-step guidance to all users about how to fix bugs, spywares along with all sort of unsafe & contaminated files/folders present in your PC or other peripheral device. Here you get reliable support from authorized techies by just calling at our helpline number or through online chat on our website. So why to wait! get instant customer support related to your product Setup, Installation, Activation, Repair, Re-installation and Virus Removal issues.


-> Expert professional available 24/7.


-> Call our technicians  020 8004 5401 (Toll Free) for any support issue.


-> Resolving general queries regarding system issue and updates.


-> Troubleshooting Norton issues.



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